How to Breakdance for Beginners?

  Here at, we are hooking you up with some sick tips especially if you're a beginner. Get hype right now because after reading this, you will know what you got to do to become a sick bboy in no time. Ready to get started on how to breakdance for beginners step by step? Here we go...


  Get your breakdance music and as many mixes as you can, check out our free bboy music page here: Free Breakdance Music . Once you got those, add your favorite music too even if you think they're not for breakdancing. There is something about breakdancing to music you love that just makes it really fun.

Step 2::

  Get an appropriate location. Your living room carpet won't bruise you when doing beginner moves like toprocks but if you try to learn windmills on carpet, you might as well remain a beginner forever. Stay away from concrete or slippery floors.

Step 3::

  Get learn-2-breakdance. You might be thinking you could just watch videos on youtube and browse around but that's the slowest way to learn how to breakdance. That strategy is like studying in college or reading a book to learn how to breakdance when what you need is a straight out complete bboy guide for beginners. 

Step 4::

  Get practicing consistently. Set a time of everyday to just have your ipod or radio or whatever audio device and practice with all your heart like your life depended on it. Weeks will pass and you will start to see amazing changes in your breakdancing skills.